Personal development at Goodgame Academy

Goodgame Studios has developed tremendously in many different areas over the last few years. Not that long ago, everyone sat together in the same room, and an artist for Goodgame Poker could shake the hand of their marketing colleague without even leaving their seat. Now we work across two different sites in Hamburg, separated into seven different studios, with a whole marketing department of our own and lots of other teams who all work hard to make our games successful. Nonetheless, we continue to collaborate very closely because we know that a game can only become really good when it’s created as a joint venture. To keep our collaboration running smoothly despite the constant change in the company, in 2014 our staff development team created the Goodgame Academy to help us develop our soft skills. Read more

Marvel of design and technology: the birth of Legends of Honor’s interactive world map

At the beginning of January, we officially launched our new strategy title, Legends of Honor. Since that day, hundreds of thousands of castles have been built while battle-hungry and iron-willed heroes steal across the massive world map. We believe that this achievement fully deserves a blog post of its own, so today we’d like to give you a look at the exciting creation of the world map. We also met with game designer Christoph, client developer Gregory, and concept artist Sven and asked them to share some exciting behind-the-scenes details. Read more

GOOD Studios – Studio Strategy Games knows the key to success

A lot has happened since we restructured our company and created seven autonomous development studios one year ago. The various teams have dedicated their time to developing new games that will expand and diversify our company’s position this year more than ever before. Last week we celebrated the global launch of Legends of Honor. This game is the first project to benefit from the new studio structure and was produced by the Strategy Games Studio in under one year. That’s occasion enough to get featured in our blog! Read more


It is no surprise that a gaming company like Goodgame Studios employs many artists with a variety of specializations. Many of them design the figures and landscapes in the games and are responsible for giving each game its own individual personality. Less well known is that the company itself is also given a unique identity in terms of visual representation. Taking care of this we have a whole team known as Corporate Branding and Concepts. It is their mission to turn ideas into creative concepts and printed and manufactured products in order to create a corporate image for Goodgame Studios. “We’re like an advertising agency, but positioned within the company,” explain the designers. Read more