Making a difference in the community!

As a part of Goodgame Studios’ philanthropic initiative, we recently donated 5,500 euros to a refugee shelter in Hamburg. The money was collected via our Goodgame shop, where a variety of creative Goodgame merchandise is on sale for our employees. This means that every Goodgamer who purchased an item from the shop helped contribute to this donation! This year we’ve decided to continue helping our neighbors at the refugee shelter. The state-run facility is only four kilometers away from our campus and currently provides accommodations for more than 1,200 people from 21 nations. The shelter houses many Syrians who fled the war zone, as well as Kosovo Albanians and Afghans who are seeking refuge there before moving to permanent accommodations. Read more

The king of the apps is turning two

The smartphones and tablets of this world lived a calm and uneventful life for many years, until one day the glorious Empire broke onto the screen with mighty castles, powerful armies, and an enchanting world of excitement! That was in February 2013, the historic moment when Empire: Four Kingdoms conquered appstores around the world. Since that momentous day, 400,000 alliances have been founded, 535 million battles have been fought, and a horse was even put in a living room! Empire: Four Kingdoms, an offshoot of the highly successful and award-winning browser game Goodgame Empire, gives players the chance to produce resources, band together with friends and fellow players in strong alliances, and prove their skills in epic battles. We’re happy to wave our banners in celebration of the two year anniversary of our first mobile game! Read more

Blockbuster Unveiled – Good Evening Goodgame!

Over 1000 Goodgamers gathered for a remarkable evening of “Good Evening Goodgame”- our very own version of all employees meeting. We pride ourselves for being innovative and true to the word, we took over an entire CinemaxX movie theater for our all employee event.

The CinemaxX theater was radiant with the blue and white colours of Goodgame Studios and to give it a real movie theater feel all Goodgamers enjoyed delicious welcome treats of currywurst, popcorn and more. Read more