Agile development Code Retreat at Goodgame Studios

We may already know a lot, but we don’t know everything yet! That’s why we’re always open to new things. Twelve of our tool developers from the game technology studio took part in the first Goodgame Studios Code Retreat in order to improve their skills in test-driven development and pair programming. Urs, the organizer and host of the event, comes from it-agile and is currently working as a Scrum Master at Goodgame Studios. Here he explains the basics of a Code Retreat. Read more

Successful recruiting? We know how it’s done!

All over Germany there’s talk about skill and talent shortage – but not here. Thanks to our tried and tested  success strategies, we are able to meet our staff requirements and continue to hire new colleagues. In this guest blog entry, Ina, our Head of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition, will present our six ingredients  for successful recruitment so that every company that’s interested can try it for themselves: Read more

Sir Ulrich’s Commander’s Logbook: Diplomacy & Alliances in Goodgame Empire

Many kings in the great Goodgame Empire strive for glory and riches. Some aspire to hold all the power for themselves – that may be bold or it may be foolish! Others know that the key to power is to skillfully apply diplomacy to further their influence and form alliances. Learn all about what diplomacy involves in the newest entry in Sir Ulrich’s commander’s logbook! Read more

First internal Girls & Boys’ Day at Goodgame Studios

What do I want to be when I grow up? Everyone asks themselves this question when they’re young. Unfortunately, since not everyone can be a princess or a cowboy, we invited the children of our employees and their friends to our internal Girls & Boys’ Day to give them some introduction and insight into a variety of professions within our company. Most of the children already knew where their mum or dad work, but only a few of them knew anything about the actual tasks they undertook every day. Read more