International buffet at Goodgame Studios

We were proud to host our first ever international partner dinner yesterday! We invited all of our new international employees and their partners and children to share an evening together in our café. Everyone brought along a specialty from their homeland to help us put together a diverse and international buffet of delicacies. Brigadeiro from Brazil, jelly cake from the Ukraine, causa limeña from Peru, and even fried fish cutlets, a favorite in Sri Lanka, were set out for guests to enjoy. Read more

Goodgamers celebrate their “Childhood Heroes”

On March 13, hundreds of Goodgamers came together to remember and relive their “childhood heroes”. Many of them stuck closely to the theme and donned creative costumes made with an astonishing attention to detail. Whether Super Mario, the Ghostbusters, the Flintstones, or Harry Potter – everyone was in attendance! The party was held at Fabrik in Hamburg-Altona. Normally a venue for concerts, the club was appropriately decked out for the night:  Read more

Sir Ulrich’s Commander’s Logbook: Defense and Attack in Goodgame Empire

A successful castle lord knows that you can’t get far in Goodgame Empire without a strong strategy, so we took a peek at Sir Ulrich’s commander’s logbook and decided to share his tips with you right away!  Be the first to find out how a clever ruler leaves the robber barons defeated at his gate and how you can plan your next attack to be as successful as possible. Read more

Making a difference in the community!

As a part of Goodgame Studios’ philanthropic initiative, we recently donated 5,500 euros to a refugee shelter in Hamburg. The money was collected via our Goodgame shop, where a variety of creative Goodgame merchandise is on sale for our employees. This means that every Goodgamer who purchased an item from the shop helped contribute to this donation! This year we’ve decided to continue helping our neighbors at the refugee shelter. The state-run facility is only four kilometers away from our campus and currently provides accommodations for more than 1,200 people from 21 nations. The shelter houses many Syrians who fled the war zone, as well as Kosovo Albanians and Afghans who are seeking refuge there before moving to permanent accommodations. Read more