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Latest News

Goodgame Studios breaks the 1000 employee mark

After just five years, company staff includes 1000 people from 50 nations. Hundreds more jobs still available at the rapidly expanding game developer in Hamburg.

Hamburg, October 1st, 2014. Goodgame Studios, the specialist in free to play mobile and browser games, welcomed the thousandth employee into its ranks today. Goodgame Studios is the largest game software developer in Germany in terms of employees. It has grown from a start-up to a major enterprise in only five short years. At the end of 2013, the total number of employees at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg and at the subsidiaries in Tokyo and Seoul still barely exceeded 600.

Read the complete press release: 2014_10_01_GGS_PI_1000_Employees

Shadow Kings Launch a Success

The new building strategy MMO from Goodgame Studios is available now on Android, iOS and browser.

Hamburg, August 21st 2014. The shadow kings have begun building outposts and populating smartphones, tablets and the internet. “Shadow Kings”, the new building strategy MMO (massively multiplayer online game) from the Hamburg-based developer, Goodgame Studios, is now available on iOS, Android and online. The game got off to a successful start, with over one million users registering for the game within the first week alone. The elaborate TV commercial, which launched in 16 countries at the same time as the game, certainly contributed to this success.

Read the complete press release: 2014_08_22_GGS_PI_Shadow_Kings_Start

Large Scale Event Tracking with RabbitMQ (, 13.08.2014)

Goodgame Studios is a German company which develops and publishes free-to-play web and mobile games. Founded in 2009, their portfolio now comprises nine games with over 200 million registered users.
To continuously improve the user experience of the games, it is crucial to analyze the impact of new features, prime times and game tutorials. To make this possible, specific player actions and events are registered, stored at a central data storage and evaluated by data analysts. We refer to these as tracking events.


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