4 essential skills for: Real Time Advertising Managers

It takes more than just good games to reach over 300 million players around the globe; it also takes talented marketing professionals. They’re the ones who make sure people all over the world hear about our digital entertainment, so of course, online marketing is very important to us. One specialized and comparatively young discipline in this area is Real Time Advertising, which focuses on user-oriented purchasing of online advertisements in real time.


Patricia is a Real Time Advertising Manager and has been with us since 2014. Every day she decides when which internet users across the world should see which advertisements and therefore ensures that our games reach even more people. As she’s a real expert in the area, we decided to ask her what’s important in the job, and if she could share with us the top 4 skills needed to be a Real Time Advertising Manager.

analytical1. Analytical Thinking
Unlike with billboards at the side of the road, it’s possible to tell exactly how many people saw or clicked on an online banner advertisement. Since campaigns based on this measurable data receive continual precise evaluation in order to optimize their performance, Real Time Advertising falls into the category of ‘performance marketing’. Analytical thinking is therefore essential for identifying the right patterns in numbers, tables, and diagrams, for deducing new target groups and strategies from those patterns, and for optimizing the campaigns.

2. Creativity
analyticalPatricia designs each of her unique advertising campaigns independently – from identifying the correct target groups right through to planning budgets, all decisions are based on precise data. However, in order to not just analyze these facts and figures but to also develop new campaigns from them, it also takes a bit of creativity. To do this she collaborates with other teams such as conversion and marketing art to develop advertising banners or to write appealing ad copies for new target groups.

analytical3. Flexibility
If you want to buy adverts in real time, you have to constantly adjust to the current market situation. Patricia has to remain flexible in order to quickly adapt her campaigns to the newest trends and secure the best advertising locations. Different analysis platforms help her to identify changes quickly and to optimize her marketing methods. She must simultaneously keep an eye on new trends to recognize the most effective advertising formats at the moment, the newest banners, and the best advertising providers and use them in the campaigns.

4. Technical Knowledge
analyticalDigital technology is always changing – this of course influences digital marketing and in particular Real Time Advertising, since Patricia always has to keep an eye on the newest developments. This means that it’s not just essential to remain flexible, but also to understand this technology, in particular when it comes to trends relating to new devices, for example in the mobile or Smart TV sector. The platforms used to manage these advertising campaigns need to be adapted and synchronized with these developments so that this huge volume of data can be easily compiled and used to optimize campaigns.

With all these skills combined, Patricia succeeds in converting new players to both our new and existing games. And since both our player numbers and company continue to grow, we are always looking for talented new marketing professionals to join our team!