A gamer meetup fit for a king

Over the weekend, our colleagues Lucas, Jens, and Jörg made their way to the beautiful Frankfurt am Main. The bustling German city played host to 70 dedicated fans of our successful game Empire: Four Kingdoms, and we didn’t want to miss out on this great chance to meet our fans and hear their helpful feedback.  We’re always grateful for any praise or criticism regarding our new updates or support team because these show us where we can make our game even better.

The event officially began at 18:30 and invited kings and queens to walk the red carpet into the Mantis Roof Garden in Frankfurt city center. The guests enjoyed cozy surroundings and pleasant company and had plenty of new information to share with each other. Along with attack strategies, diplomatic relationships with other alliances, and the latest updates, they also shared news from their lives and connected on a more personal level. A mighty feast made sure that no one had to go hungry. Many of the guests had already built up hearty appetites from spending the two previous days exploring the streets of Frankfurt together.

Not everyone in attendance was new. Some of the players have already known each other for years and have formed close friendships that go beyond castles and alliances. For some of them, it’s not just pacts that they form with each other, they also form life-long partnerships and build their own home alongside their castles.

The castle lords celebrated until late in the night. We Goodgamers were very touched to see how many people our game has brought together and how many friendships it has created, especially these true friendships that go beyond castles and empires. We’re happy to have been a part of this great evening!