A summer night’s dream: Goodgamers in the mood to party

Parties bring us together, and since we Goodgamers place a high value on working in a friendly atmosphere, we have already established a solid party tradition despite our young age. At this year’s summer party, teamwork also played a key role. First we all had to work in teams to master tricky challenges on a scavenger hunt through Hamburg, and then we relaxed and came together for an evening packed full of food, music, and dancing.

The scavenger hunt turned Hamburg into Goodgame territory for the day. The riddle solvers, geocachers, and hobby detectives among us were especially popular at this event since the tasks were no piece of cake and ambitions were high. The theme of each station matched one of our corporate values, such as communication, passion, innovation, and collaboration. The teams had to demonstrate how these core strengths make us successful and help us to achieve our goals, especially in challenging situations. Among all the smiles and laughter, many people were also able to get to know another side to their colleagues. The winning team won a generous and well-deserved sum of cash for an extra team event. Even those who didn’t win a prize to carry home were able to take a lot away from the scavenger hunt. For example, they discovered that it is easier to find good solutions as a team, and that “together” is much more fun than “alone”.

Even more games, fun, and excitement followed at the evening party in Hamburg’s Stadtpark. The lakeside location left nothing to be desired, and even our guests with more refined palates were pleased by the variety of delicacies on offer. The selection ranged from Greek gyros to Asian noodles, and there was even a dessert quark bar and ice cream to go for everyone with a sweet tooth. The cocktail bar indulged quite a few dry throats seeking refreshment as well. Once the Goodgamers had satiated their thirst and hunger, they moved on to the various game stations, such as limbo, or took to the dance floor to bust a move. It was a great opportunity to get to know colleagues outside of the normal workday.

And so another successful event has joined the ranks of our Goodgame party tradition. With such a large team, parties are a great way to turn unknown faces into trusted colleagues, and this was no exception. These new friendships will be great for our upcoming projects because we believe that work is always better with friends by your side!