Agile Unlimited visits Goodgame Studios

At the start of the year, Goodgame Studios put a new studio structure in place that lets us produce great games for our fans even faster and more efficiently. To ensure that we deliver high quality results and that production runs as efficiently as possible, we have looked to agile methodology. Agile is a modern approach and mindset for implementing projects, and it’s especially well-suited to our needs as a fast-growing company in a dynamic industry. An expert who could show us the ropes when it comes to agile methods is Nadine Haertel. We’re very pleased that we were able to welcome her to our café at West End Village. More than 70 participants attended her enlightening presentation and subsequent workshop, which participants could sign up for in advance via XING

Nadine is a freelance Agile Coach with years of experience under her belt. She is currently traveling to different cities as part of her tour with Agile Unlimited. As part of this yearlong tour, she has visited numerous companies to present agile methods and thought processes and to offer her support, all free of charge. Our project management team really looked forward to collaborating with Nadine. Over the course of her tour, she has gained valuable insights and knowledge from a variety of companies, and she shared these with us during her 90-minute presentation.

The subsequent workshop was designed as a World Café and addressed the issue: “What would happen if…we had to work differently?” The participants sat down at eight different tables laid out with pens, paper, and thought-provoking questions on topics such as motivation and goals, innovation, and salary. The questions encouraged the participants to exchange ideas, discover new perspectives, and draw lessons from their discussions. Afterward there was some time for casual networking, snacks, and cold beverages to round off the successful event.

“It was a lively event with a great audience,” said Nadine afterward. “The participants’ creative and provocative discussions on a variety of topics truly made for an interesting and entertaining evening.”

If you would like to learn more about Nadine and her tour with Agile Unlimited, take a look at her blog.