“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

… This was just one of the many concrete theories that Jürgen Bock enlightened us about  during his speech at the Goodgame campus. Jürgen is recognized as a leading expert on company culture in Germany and visited us as part of our regular series of motivational speeches for managers.

Having worked for the Otto Group for over 20 years, Jürgen was able to attract a good 70 attendees to our café despite the sunny weather. His entertaining presentation included more than just tips on how to develop your own culture. It also provided various insights into what the international holding group offers its employees to improve team spirit.


One thing we found particularly inspiring was his belief that change always starts with you: “Where I am, is where I want to be”. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Leading the way with a good example is the best way to get others to follow. Of course, feelings also have to be taken into account here. Rationally thinking, you cannot control or change culture – in this case, culture is something which isn’t created but rather already exists, here referring to customs in an organization. “We called for workers and we’re getting people” – this quote from Max Frisch fit perfectly.

Following the event, the attendees exchanged their thoughts and opinions on what they had heard, and Jürgen was glad to answer their follow-up questions. Even though the Otto Group follows a different business model from our own, the same rules of the game apply for us. An open, honest, and respectful cooperation between employees can improve the culture in every company.