Excellent networking at the QX leadership conference

“What do I want to achieve during my lifetime?” This was one of the key questions asked at the 8th Leadership Conference held at our campus last weekend under the initiative of QX Quarterly Crossing. With this conference, the global excellence network offers both young professionals with high potential as well as long-standing experts an outstanding forum for exchanging experiences. Goodgame Studios has been working with QX for many years and has already held several smaller networking events on the campus. The conference was our first major joint event with QX, and we were very happy to play host.

Since day one, this conference has attracted countless visitors, and the number of registrations was pleasantly overwhelming. Our 150 selected participants were therefore extremely enthusiastic to be there and the event was a full house. Goodgame Studios founder and COO Christian Wawrzinek kicked off the event by sharing with the participants his career from dentist to entrepreneur, his fascination with the rapid transformation of the digital market, and Goodgame Studios’ success in the growth-driven gaming industry. At the end of his talk, the COO shared some exclusive details about his personal principles of leadership. His top 5 include communicating at eye level and with respect, transferring responsibility to others, recruiting only the best employees, focusing on essential core tasks, and representing the company’s values. The listeners were all ears to this information, and plenty would have been glad to learn more.

Our head of HR, Ina Bourmer, gave a speech in which she brought to light that we can only achieve our dreams when we learn to be mindful every day and every moment. At QX it’s especially important that we listen to each other. According to the wise words of Plato, “If two boys each have an apple and then trade these apples, both will still only have one apple in the end. But when two people each have an idea and trade these ideas, both will have two new ideas in the end.”

Another speaker at the conference, Michael Löhner, managing director of Michael Löhner Management & Leadership Culture GmbH, also gave an inspiring talk on coaching in which he emphasized that QX has virtually become a large coaching event in itself, since by exchanging ideas with each other, we are also helping each other to grow. Addressing the topic of “Be or become?”, manager Oliver Bialowons asked us to consider the lasting effect of what we do. He encouraged the people in the room to concentrate more on the “be” and less on the “become” in order to advance both themselves and society. Junior Professor Alexander Markowetz advised the young talents to focus above all else on assuming responsibility. If you want to achieve something, you have to get behind the wheel, go out into the world, and surround yourself with people who push you to grow – that’s what makes QX such a valuable network.

The Leadership Conference offered a very extensive program in addition to the key lectures. Numerous inspirational talks, workshops, and life lessons dealt with interesting topics from a variety of areas. Other high points included the group dinner, a barbecue with the theme “Taste of the north”, and a “World travel” buffet. These meals reflected the character of Goodgame Studios; on the one hand local and Hanseatic, yet on the other, international and diverse. The dinner was followed by a post-conference bash, and the final evening included a big party with a live performance.

Looking back, we can say that the conference was a very successful and enriching event with great speakers and exclusive insights. What have we learned? It’s not enough to simply dream about what you want to achieve – you have to believe in your ideas 100%, and then you have to bring them to life! At Goodgame Studios, we are very ambitious and use our combined forces to become one of the world’s leading gaming companies.

If you’re interested in learning more about QX and the Leadership Conference, you can find more information here.