Feel Better at Goodgame Studios

In March, we expanded our extensive range of offers for all Goodgamers. It now includes even more opportunities to support our employees and help relieve their stress. Along with the new gym and various sports courses, our health and prevention program now contains two more exciting offers: the fun and active GoodBreak and therapeutic massages!

We want to give our employees the chance to take a short break from their workday and do something good for their own well-being. Anyone who works at a computer knows how you usually feel after 4 hours of concentrated work – tense, strained, stiff.  But we hope that our GoodBreak will make those days of stiff necks and sore backs a thing of the past. Goodgamers come together at GoodBreak to perform various relaxation exercises which stretch their bodies. A few have even commented that they feel a bit taller afterwards. 🙂 Relaxation and fun are also part of the deal, of course. “Taking part in GoodBreak with your colleagues gives you an enjoyable and special kind of respite from your workday,” said Sophie, our feelgood manager. This active break is led by trainer and gymnastics teacher Lara, who always thinks up great exercises to try. Massages also help to relieve deep-seated tension. Every Goodgamer can relax while a trained masseuse works out all the knots in their back and neck.

A few minutes leave them feeling as light as a feather as they happily float back to their desks.