Games, fun, and entertainment at the GOOD Family Summer Party

We value not only our employees, but also their families. That’s why our feelgood team invited every Goodgame family to our GOOD Family Summer Party on Thursday evening. This wasn’t the first time we’ve hosted a family-friendly event like this. In December last year, we hosted the GOOD Family Advent to the joy of many of our colleagues, their partners, and their little ones. However, since Santa Claus in July might cause a bit of confusion, this time the more than 100 guests – including many children – enjoyed an evening of summertime entertainment.

A special highlight at the start of the event was an action-packed treasure hunt where the youngest of the bunch searched for a hidden chest full of sweet treasures. Afterwards, the kids went to the crafts corner to make their own colorful picture frames to decorate their rooms with. Balloon artists and bouncy castles provided plenty of entertainment for all. Thanks to the cakes and bratwurst, no one left the event with an empty stomach.

The evening was filled with cheerful laughter along with a lot of games, creative craft and of course feasting. After this great evening, we’ve already got our eyes set on the next GOOD family event!