Getting a taste of Easter with cake and an egg hunt

Last weekend our Goodgame onboarding team organized a small Easter event to offer our new international employees a chance to celebrate the holiday with others. 25 colleagues and their families from ten different nations met in a small park in Hamburg to search for all of the sweet little Easter surprises that had been hidden there.

Although some of our colleagues were new to these Easter traditions, like hunting for Easter eggs, everyone was happy to take part and had lots of fun searching high and low for the colorful sweets hidden throughout the grass and bushes. Afterwards, the group went to a nearby café to while away the rest of the afternoon with some delicious cake.

“Easter was a great opportunity for us to show our customs and traditions to our new employees, some of whom come from other continents. This event also gave new colleagues a chance to get to know each other and make contacts,” said Elisa from our onboarding team.