Goodgamers celebrate their “Childhood Heroes”

On March 13, hundreds of Goodgamers came together to remember and relive their “childhood heroes”. Many of them stuck closely to the theme and donned creative costumes made with an astonishing attention to detail. Whether Super Mario, the Ghostbusters, the Flintstones, or Harry Potter – everyone was in attendance! The party was held at Fabrik in Hamburg-Altona. Normally a venue for concerts, the club was appropriately decked out for the night: colorful motifs of childhood heroes lined the walls while the speakers blasted well-known theme songs that brought back memories of the good old days. Our press officer Andreas and his friend Winnie the Pooh, aka Daniel from the onboarding team, opened the heroic evening at 8:30 with a few words of welcome. One highlight of the evening was the photo booth, where Goodgamers could stop by all night long to snap some comical  pictures to keep as souvenirs. We also had a caricaturist on site sketching humorous portraits of our employees.

Of course every good costume party also needs a costume competition, so we gave every party guest a ballot card where they could write down their favorites from the evening. At 10 PM, Pooh Bear set aside his honey pot for a microphone one last time to announce the nominations for the best costume at the party. A clap-o-meter that measured the decibels of the crowd’s applause determined the evening’s winners. We actually cheered so loud for our favorites that we topped 116 decibels – almost as loud as a jackhammer! In the end, Bender from Futurama and Inspector Gadget shared a hard-earned victory in the individuals category, while The Flintstones proudly took home the trophy for the groups. The lucky winners won a trip to the Heide Park Resort, a theme park in Soltau.

After the costume champions left with their trophies held high, the Hip Hop Academy Hamburg jumped onto stage to show off their breakdancing skills and got everyone pumped up and ready to bust some moves of their own! The festivities and dancing continued  late into the night, but even the greatest of heroes need to sleep at some point!