Infracoders Hamburg visits Goodgame Studios

On Tuesday, we were pleased to welcome to our company Infracoders Hamburg – formerly known as the Chef User Group. The evening was filled with presentations and stimulating conversations on exciting topics surrounding the development of configuration and automation systems which use the software “Chef”.

The Infracoders events will now take place regularly in a variety of locations, and this time it was our turn to welcome the roughly 70 participants! Before the event began, 20 curious visitors took advantage of the opportunity to tour our premises. Following the tour, our head of web development Wolf-Gideon and our lead system administration Robert introduced the program for the evening in our café.

The presentation from our senior linux administrator Jan was a great hit! He explained how we apply DevOps here at Goodgame. DevOps are measures which contribute to better collaboration between the two IT areas, development and operation, in the company. Their focus is currently on the development of an automation software. This software is necessary for getting our applications onto the servers simply and quickly, for example our successful game Empire: Four Kingdoms and its shop system. Our servers enable millions of players worldwide to fight, trade, and expand their empire every day.

Our platform engineering team, comprised of the server development, web development, and system administration departments, is working together closely on developing an automation software. Working in four-week cycles, this interdisciplinary team is continuously developing new and improved automation systems which are then made available to the other departments. These systems simplify work processes and enable the servers to run faster and more effectively.

Following the presentation, the participants were given the chance to network and enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks. The guests made good use of this opportunity and exchanged opinions about the evening’s topics with our experts. It was an engaging evening filled with fascinating insights, and we hope to welcome many more visits from the Infracoders in the future!