Long live bread and butter!

There was good food, good conversation, and much laughter. At the German supper held in our café, more than 60 of our colleagues got to enjoy traditional German cuisine. The intent of this evening was to share a very German  experience with our international colleagues and this was the best way to give them a quick insight. We had the full spread of delicacies you’d expect to find on a German supper table – bread, butter, and various types of cheese and sausage. Everyone got to try a combination of gourmet delicacies, with options such as Gouda, Emmental, and Harzer cheeses, as well as aspic, ham, and mett (minced raw pork), and put together an original German sandwich!

Before the buffet was opened, however, Laura from the feelgood team and Catharina from the onboarding team put guests to the test with the German Expert Quiz. The participants’ faced a series of questions that challenged their general knowledge of Germany. Which is the largest federal state in Germany? In which area can you find volcanic craters?

After building up their strength with tasty food, everyone helped to tidy up at around 9 PM. Just like in any community, everyone at Goodgame Studios unites to get work done!