Making a difference in the community!

As a part of Goodgame Studios’ philanthropic initiative, we recently donated 5,500 euros to a refugee shelter in Hamburg. The money was collected via our Goodgame shop, where a variety of creative Goodgame merchandise is on sale. This means that everybody who purchased an item from the shop helped contribute to this donation! This year we’ve decided to continue helping our neighbors at the refugee shelter. The state-run facility is only four kilometers away from our campus and currently provides accommodations for more than 1,200 people from 21 nations. The shelter houses many Syrians who fled the war zone, as well as Kosovo Albanians and Afghans who are seeking refuge there before moving to permanent accommodations.

Our donation has been used to fund various projects, such as improving the facility’s trauma therapy service. Many of the refugees come from crisis zones, and thanks to this service, they now have the opportunity to share their experiences with trained therapists who can help them to cope with their difficult pasts. The donation has also helped with solving critical operational  problems at the shelter, for example by providing transport to the nearest hospital.

We visited the facility and were deeply impressed by the many activities and services offered there, as well as the sense of goodwill shared by all. We are hopeful that with support from the community, the facility will continue to do great work and will be able to expand its services and enhance its facilities in the near future. As we left the shelter, overwhelmed by the display of selfless giving there, we knew that there must be more we can do than “only” donating money. For this reason, we’re now running a company-wide campaign to collect essential household goods and toiletries – the things which the refugees at the shelter currently need the most. Further charitable campaigns are also being planned. We’re pleased that small gestures such as these can make a meaningful difference, and we hope that this will inspire others to do the same!