Mental strength for our management staff

Personnel development is very important to us, and we regularly organize internal training events.

Training our management staff is especially important to our success, and to kick off a new series of talks, we recently welcomed Olaf Kortmann to Goodgame Studios. He shared tips with around 80 curious Goodgamers in his talk “Delivering top-quality results and staying mentally strong as a manager”. Many of our employees take on management roles early on in their careers, some for small teams and others for entire departments. Regardless of how much prior experience each person had, everyone took something useful away from the talk.

Olaf Kortmann works in sport, and after a highly successful period as trainer of the German national men’s volleyball team, now works as a mental coach for athletes of all disciplines. His message: performance – of every sort – depends among other things on mental strength. Ambition and training alone will not lead to outstanding results. With his often provocative talks such as “Positive thinking is rubbish” or “Fuck, fix, forget, focus”, Kortmann comfortably distances himself from the typical clichés of motivation gurus. When he showed us an astounding mental exercise, the last of the skeptics among us were convinced.

The evening also saw an animated exchange between Kortmann and his audience, which allowed him to demonstrate that his reasoning was logical, reasonable, and included lots of useful information for his listeners. We look forward to further courses and talks organized by our dedicated HR development team.