Quo Vadis

European Games Award, Quo Vadis, and Good Drinks with Goodgame

On April 9th 2014, the results of the European Games Awards were announced in Berlin. We cleaned up on the evening, gathering three audience awards in one fell swoop. We received the European Games Award for Best Studio of 2014, while Goodgame Empire took home the prize for Best Browser Game. And Empire: Four Kingdoms enjoyed its first award ever, in the category of Best European Mobile Game. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and our games and made this triple victory possible.
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Goodgame Studios celebrate in technicolor

In early April it was once again time for a party with 500 friends, also known as a Goodgame Studios company party. On a Friday evening, we gathered in the club Hühnerposten in Hamburg, intent on doing justice to the theme of GGSCASTCAHP (Goodgame Studios Celebrates A Super Trashy Colorful And Happy Party). Admittedly Mardi Gras had come and gone, but we nonetheless decided that bad taste was the way to go. The outfits on the night were true to the theme – even the buffet was in on the action with garish and outlandish dishes, while the decorations were so extravagantly colorful that they would not have been out of place at a child’s birthday party. All in all the scene was set for a fantastic party, and sure enough, the dance floor was packed by 9.30 and stayed that way well into the early hours. Even hits from Rednex and Whigfield failed to tone down the atmosphere – quite the opposite, in fact. A further highlight of the evening was the photo booth. It offered the opportunity for great snapshots of two or three people at a time. However, a quick glance through the photos shows us that up to six Goodgamers could (almost) comfortably squeeze in.
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GGS goes Skipiste

Goodgamers on the piste

Eleven Goodgamers, one ski region, and 22 degrees celsius: perfect conditions for a wonderful week in Austria. March saw the start of our winter sports trip, organized by our colleague Anett – we both work together and we’re always thinking up new things to do together socially. The group traveled south from Hamburg’s Hauptbahnhof to Hopfgarten, near Kitzbühel.
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All-In with Goodgame Studios

On March 21 it was time for the second Goodgame Studios poker night. In the Spielbank Casino in Hamburg, online marketing experts gathered to compete in a poker tournament. After last September’s successful premiere, our management team were looking forward to a repeat of the exclusive event. Dr. Kai Wawrzinek, CEO, and Fabian Ritter, CFO, once again welcomed Katja Thater, a poker world champion with the nickname “Lady Horror” – one that we think doesn’t reflect her accurately. She provided a touch of flair and brought an extra challenge to the evening, which she was visibly enthusiastic about: “I think the idea of putting on an event like this is just great. You can tell that the guests are having fun and enjoying themselves.”
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The Art of Social Games – GGS Art Night 2.0

What makes a game really good? Storyline, gameflow and sound are certainly all important. However, the first thing we notice is a game’s graphics. Goodgame Studios attach great importance to outstanding visuals, high quality design and creativity. Our constantly growing art department is responsible for satisfying these requirements. But as many creative types don’t necessarily have the gaming industry at the forefront of their thoughts, we decided it was time for Goodgame Studios to organize a second Art Night, this time as part of the Social Media Week. Over 100 curious graphic artists and designers, as well as others aspiring to art careers, gathered in the event room at the MHMK Hamburg.

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