First Web Monday at Goodgame Studios

On February 24th, the first Hamburg Web Monday of 2014 took place in our Goodgame café. All 115 places were snapped up within 22 minutes, so we were looking forward to lots of interested guests. The topics for the evening were trends and technical possibilities for websites. Kristin and René, the organizers of Web Monday, opened the evening and our press officer Andreas also said a few words to welcome everyone. Niels, a developer at Goodgame Studios, gave the first presentation of the evening. He demonstrated how real-time 3D graphics can be utilized in browsers. He used practical examples to show what is already possible, and made a convincing plea based on this: more 3D in browsers!

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The Gaming Industry: Female Perspectives

It’s no secret: we want more employees. Above all, we would like to see more female Goodgamers. Some women cannot imagine working in the gaming industry (yet), which is why, on February 20th, it was time for the second Goodgame Studios Ladies’ Night. As part of the annual Social Media Week, we again put on an information evening especially for women, at the Handelskammer Hamburg. Bettina, an e-business expert at the Chamber of Commerce, opened the evening. Two female employees gave insights into their daily working life. Alina, project manager, acts as a key communication link between a number of departments and coordinates ten (predominantly male) colleagues. As a senior server developer, Claire is a bit of a rare specimen in the java team, and she hopes that more and more women will have the confidence to study computer science. She can assure them that it’s really not boring at all.

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Blog in englisch

Our blog is now also in English

Goodgame Studios now has 700 members of staff – not only from Germany, but from all over the world. At work we speak German and English, depending on which language our colleagues understand better.

This means it’s high time our blog went international and from now on it will be available in both languages. Our localization department will be taking on the translation to ensure the English version reads just as well as the German, and that no punchlines will be missed.

You can find buttons to switch language in the top right hand corner. Happy reading!

UX Lab

Testing with the Best – The GGS Usability Laboratory

We have set up an in-house usability laboratory to perfect our games and guarantee our users ultimate entertainment. The lab contains a test room and an observation room that are separated from each other by a one-way mirror. Lars, who runs the laboratory, can therefore observe the test subjects’ reactions in detail. The testers either play the games on mobile devices or on PCs. In addition, there’s a living room with a couch and a big flat-screen TV so that you feel like you’re at home when you’re playing and there’s also a conference room where several people can take part in a test together. The rooms are fitted with a few cameras which record the testers’ facial expressions and gestures while they play.

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Blind Dates at Goodgame Studios

Six people, one restaurant, one hour – welcome to GoodLunch. Twice a month, six colleagues are chosen at random and invited to go for lunch together. Nobody knows who will be joining them and the ‘chosen ones’ only meet each other at our reception on the day. All of them then head to the restaurant ‘Tischlein deck dich’ nearby, where they can choose a tasty dish paid for by the company. The GoodLunch allows our colleagues to get to know other employees and learn more about other departments. What do the people do in back end and front end development? What projects are our community managers involved in? What’s happening at executive level? Our board members’ names are incidentally also included in the pot along with everyone else’s.
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