A day in the life of a junior product manager

Janin_Schmitz_1Today we’re going to take you behind the scenes of how we develop games at Goodgame Studios! We will follow our colleague Janin through her day as a junior product manager. Janin has been a part of the Legends of Honor team since February 2015. As a product manager, PM for short, she and four other colleagues are responsible for the production teams that work on the game and decide the game’s general strategic direction. One of the core duties of our PMs is to optimize players’ game experience while always taking into consideration the value of the product. “Each day is different from the last, and there are always new challenges to overcome with the team, like when the community expects a new feature that we’d like to get to our users as quickly as possible. But this makes the job very interesting as well,” Janin told us. For this blog, we took a few peeks over Janin’s shoulder as she went through a typical workday.

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GOOD Tips – 5 free platforms that will make you a programmer

Without our talented programmers, our games would only be half as fun. The programming code behind the bright graphics is what makes the worlds of Goodgame Empire, Big Farm, and more playable on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. With its algorithms and strings, programming may almost look like 21st century wizardry from the outside, and it can elicit responses anywhere from fascination to bewilderment. Of course there’s no witchcraft at play, just the work of really talented programmers!

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Leadership Talk: How to use your brain to its full potential

Even though we pride ourselves on being a very creative and artsy gaming company, scientific work is in fact also part of the Goodgame DNA: we use scientific approaches in game development, marketing, and other areas, such as to understand player behavior and optimize our games accordingly. This is why it made a lot of sense for us to invite leadership coach Sebastian Purps-Pardigol, an expert on brain science, leadership, and cultural change. In his talk on “Neuroscience and Leadership – How to Unfold Hidden Potential”, he revealed to us his secrets on “leading with a brain”.

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Goodgame @ E3 2016 – The Future of Gaming

Every year for a few days in June, Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, becomes the epicenter of gaming worldwide in Los Angeles, California. Tens of thousands of gaming professionals travel to the show to meet up and find out more about the newest trends and latest titles – alongside millions of gaming fans who follow the press conferences and live streams of Nintendo, Sony, and more from their homes.

Fabio at E3
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GOOD Teams – Caring is the key to success for Key Account Management

As you may know, it’s not just our own website that hosts our games – many of our partners also give fans the opportunity to play our games on their platforms. But did you also know that we have about 10,000 partners in total all across the globe, who help us to generate more players for our games? To ensure good collaboration with these partners, we have an awesome Key Account Management (KAM) team! We recently interviewed KAM’s very own Francis, but today, we will introduce you to the whole team and share some insight into how they look after our top partners and ensure a great gaming experience.

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GOOD Tips: Learn how to draw from our artists

If you watch our artists bring characters, buildings, and entire game worlds to life with virtually no effort, it’s entirely possible that you might begin to feel your fingers itching to grab a pen and paper and do the same. That’s why we asked our colleague Ernest to lead a little drawing class in which he will teach us how to draw a character from our game just like a pro. As our subject, we chose the piglet from Goodgame Big Farm. This cute little guy is a symbol of good luck in Germany and would look great on the front of a greeting card, for example. In the following sketches, Ernest will show you how to create your own piglet step by step.

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