GOOD Tips: Learn how to draw from our artists

If you watch our artists bring characters, buildings, and entire game worlds to life with virtually no effort, it’s entirely possible that you might begin to feel your fingers itching to grab a pen and paper and do the same. That’s why we asked our colleague Ernest to lead a little drawing class in which he will teach us how to draw a character from our game just like a pro. As our subject, we chose the piglet from Goodgame Big Farm. This cute little guy is a symbol of good luck in Germany and would look great on the front of a greeting card, for example. In the following sketches, Ernest will show you how to create your own piglet step by step.

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It’s time for the European Championships – And we’ll tell you who’s gonna win!

Today, the eyes of football fans from all around the world are on Europe as the European Championship starts in France. Overall, 24 countries from Europe will compete over the coming weeks in gripping matches as they all strive to win the prestigious title. What, you may ask, has football to do with Goodgame Studios – and why are we making this a topic in our blog? Because football and Goodgame Studios have much more in common than you would expect. Before we go into detail, we’ve promised you that we’ll predict the future and tell you who will win the European championships. Have a good read. 😉 Read more

Alliance cities – Behind the scenes of Goodgame Empire’s biggest update of the year

Our successful browser game, Goodgame Empire, is turning FIVE this year! Even after so much time, the team behind the title is still miles away from losing their creativity and passion for the game. This hard-working team has decided to give the 80 million+ castle lords of the online empire a truly grand update: alliance cities and royal capitals. We’re talking about nothing less than the biggest update of the year for Goodgame Empire! What better reason to give you an exclusive insight into the development of this mega update in today’s blog post?

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7 years of Goodgame: full steam ahead!

How time flies! Another year has passed since the founding of Goodgame Studios, and we’re raising our glasses to our 7th birthday! A lot has happened over the last seven years. Our games are now played by hundreds of millions of people all around the globe, and as a company, we’ve had an eventful journey as well. Before we share our major highlights with you, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fans and amazing team for the past 12 months – without you, Goodgame would not be what it is today!

7 YearsThank you for 7 amazing years
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5 Questions to Lucas: The player’s advocate

Our games currently number more than 300 million registered players – that’s quite a lot! Our community management team supports all these fans of Goodgame Empire, Big Farm, and the rest. Even outside of the games, the team offers players a variety of platforms for fun and interaction. Contrary to our customer service team, which is responsible for answering tickets, our 15 community managers’ daily tasks include managing the games’ social media channels, such as Goodgame Empire on Facebook, and looking after the official game forums.

Lucas has led the team since August 2013. For today’s blog post, we sat down with him to ask him a few questions about his job.

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GOOD Teams – Product Strategy knows how the world plays

We wish everyone out there a happy World Play Day and hope you are having fun today – maybe even with some of our games. Video games are more popular than ever before! For example, 42% of US citizens play them on a regular basis, and we do the same – whether an intense session on the console or just quick entertainment on the bus with our smartphones that accompany us wherever we go.

As a gaming company, we need to stay up-to-date on where the world of games is heading. That’s why we have an amazing product strategy team that knows how the world plays. Each and every one of the six team members is not only a passionate gamer themselves, bringing together several decades of experience in the industry overall – they are also analytical thinkers that are able to translate fun into a strategy for our company.

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