Game Development at GGS

Passion is the road to success: how we develop games

Vesko has always been excited about game development. Originally from Bulgaria, he has studied and worked in places such as Gothenburg and Munich.

Vesko currently works with us here in Hamburg as a Junior Client Developer for Empire: Four Kingdoms, the first mobile game from Goodgame Studios. He constructs the game’s user interfaces and how they are displayed on the smartphone screen. This job is especially exciting since our games are always being updated and regularly outfitted with new features which we release almost every week. We can kill two birds with one stone using these fast development cycles: the gamers are happy since the game remains new and different, and the developers can reap the rewards of their hard work often and in real time.

Of course the development of a new feature is still quite complex. Along with client development, other departments such as game design, art, game balancing, and server development work together on an update from its conception to its implementation. In the final step, the quality assurance department checks everything thoroughly, potential errors are fixed by the developers, and when everyone is finally 100% satisfied, the update is released

Seamless collaboration is imperative in processes such as these. Everything actually runs like clockwork most of the time. If any problems arise, Vesko can count on the support of his colleagues at all times and work together with them to find a solution. “The team spirit at Goodgame Studios is incredible and the prevailing mood in the company feels very positive, not least because the mutual success and the rapid growth really motivate and inspire us all,” said Vesko.