The right leadership for successful growth

Here at Goodgame Studios, we strive to  engage  our managers with thought provoking training seminars. We recently welcomed Henning Böhne, Executive Partner of the Malik Group, for the latest lecture in our Incentive series. Over 100 of our managers participated in his presentation titled, “Good growth through good leadership”.

While growth and constant change are nothing new to Goodgame, they still pose a big challenge. Every month, approximately 50 new employees join our company and expand our existing teams or create completely new ones. To ensure that all of them feel settled here and can get down to work straightaway, we need more than just our already outstanding working atmosphere. We need excellent managers too. The talk addressed precisely this point and provided a good source of knowledge and inspiration for our heads, leads, and senior management.

As an ambassador of the Malik Approach in management, Henning works daily with the strategies and objectives of all types of companies and can easily point to experiences and examples from everyday business. He shared his past experiences with us and suggested best practices that can help  avoid certain mistakes or simply help develop contingency planning . For example, the management team’s competence and trustworthiness are the key factors for successful change in a company. The presentation also highlighted what every manager should learn and implement in their working practices. But that wasn’t all! The 8 Rules for a Complete Standstill (only available in German) by Dr. Peter Kruse brought the successful presentation to a perfect close. In this tongue-in-cheek talk, Kruse explained what a company must do to ensure a lack of success and change in its future. Of course this satire received a good laugh from the audience.


After this entertaining presentation, the managers took time to exchange their experiences and ideas on the topic. We’re excited to see what our staff development team brings us next!