5 Questions for Duncan: “With creativity around the world”

Goodgame Studios is home to many passionate creative minds – but not all of them work in our studios. Our colleagues from the Corporate Branding & Concept team make use of their creative spirits to give our company a unique presence and shape our corporate image. This is why they don’t only have talented artists who create amazing visual content, but also someone who takes care of producing unique ideas, concepts, and text – Duncan, our Senior Copywriter!

5 questions to Matt: “About Art & Burgers”

As you might know, we are currently working on new titles with which we want to venture into new genres beyond strategy and simulation. Therefore, our Casual Games Studio is developing our first puzzler games, with various talented game designers, software specialists, and artists investing their creativity and passion.

One such talented colleague is Matt, who is currently working as a UI Artist specializing in 2D animation in our Casual Games Studio. For today’s blog post, we sat down with him to ask a few questions about his job.

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5 Questions to Lucas: The player’s advocate

Our games currently number more than 300 million registered players – that’s quite a lot! Our community management team supports all these fans of Goodgame Empire, Big Farm, and the rest. Even outside of the games, the team offers players a variety of platforms for fun and interaction. Contrary to our customer service team, which is responsible for answering tickets, our 15 community managers’ daily tasks include managing the games’ social media channels, such as Goodgame Empire on Facebook, and looking after the official game forums.

Lucas has led the team since August 2013. For today’s blog post, we sat down with him to ask him a few questions about his job.

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5 Questions for Francis: Mission Collaboration

If you’ve ever played one of our games, perhaps you’ve noticed that they aren’t found only on our website. Goodgame Empire, Legends of Honor, and our other hits have been integrated into various online platforms around the world in order to reach a wider audience. To do this, we collaborate with thousands of partners worldwide. Our key account management department takes charge of these important partnerships for us. The department is split into two essential teams. The key account managers maintain constant communication with our partners, while their colleagues in the key account process & strategy team provide strategic support.

As a junior strategic account manager, Francis one of the team members responsible contributing to the strategy in this area. She’s been at Goodgame Studios for almost two years now. For today’s blog post, we sat down with her to ask her our beloved “5 questions”.

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