Legends of Honor – How our brand-new medieval epic came to life

“A fierce battle is raging in a kingdom ravaged by war. For centuries, three opposing factions have been fighting for power in this brutal world. Powerful heroes lead vast armies into battle, prepared to give their lives for glory and honor. They hope to return from the battlefield laden with loot, their banners waving gloriously in the breeze, and celebrated by their people and allies.

Who is ready to make a name for themselves in a kingdom where the battle for honor defines the course of time and the threat of defeat is ever-present? No age has ever called for such brave heroes – and the bravest among them will become the legends whose names survive for millennia to come.” Read more

How Goodgame Studios Fuses Art & Science

Who do you picture when you think about a designer or an artist? Maybe Andy Warhol, renowned for his pop art? And now picture a scientist – perhaps you see a gray-haired Albert Einstein in a white lab coat, standing next to a board covered with complicated formulas as he investigates the laws of nature? Goodgame Studios has artists and scientists as well, even if they don’t necessarily look like Warhol or Einstein. The two worlds collide in all areas of Goodgame Studios, such as when data analysts encounter marketing artists, game researchers talk to game designers, and user experience researchers work with user interface designers. Read more

5 questions for: Dorothee, Vector Artist

More than 1,200 employees work at Goodgame Studios – more than 1,200 people with different talents, personalities, and stories working together to make Goodgame Studios one of the world’s leading gaming software developers. From technical specialists like server developers or business intelligence experts, to creative designers and artists, to community managers and the feelgood team, the list is endless.

We’ve therefore spiced up our blog with regular interviews with our employees in which we ask them 5 questions. First in line is Dorothee, a vector artist at Goodgame Studios. Read more

Goodgame Studios lets the rocking horses out

If you were among those strolling through Hamburg in the somber September weather of the past week, a glimmer of color may have caught your eye at times. Perhaps you found one of our bright orange wooden rocking horses tethered to a bicycle stand or street lantern, waiting for its rider and calling you to take a picture of it and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MitreiterGesucht to have a chance of winning your dream bicycle. Read more

A summer night’s dream: Goodgamers in the mood to party

Parties bring us together, and since we Goodgamers place a high value on working in a friendly atmosphere, we have already established a solid party tradition despite our young age. At this year’s summer party, teamwork also played a key role. First we all had to work in teams to master tricky challenges on a scavenger hunt through Hamburg, and then we relaxed and came together for an evening packed full of food, music, and dancing. Read more