Why women are vital to the gaming industry

These days, more and more women are choosing a career in the gaming industry.  Compared to industry standards, Goodgame Studios stands at the forefront of equality with a workforce that’s a good 30% female. Since we focus on data and facts when making decisions, it’s only logical that we try to remain as objective as possible when selecting our talented employees. Software developers like Anika prove that it’s been a long time since the gaming industry and software development were a man’s world. As a member of our recently announced 4th Floor studio, she uses Unreal Engine to work on Goodgame Studios’ first client-based title for PC. Read more

Team Goodgame likes a vibrant mix

“What do we actually have in common with a basketball team?” asked  Ina, our Head of HR, during her talk  about German Diversity Day, which we took  part in for the first time this year. She quickly got the answer from the audience: In a basketball team there are many different types of players – some are tall and strong, some smaller and faster. Everyone has their individual strengths, and together they lead the team to victory. Having such a vibrant mix is what makes our team at Goodgame Studios so successful. We now have more than 400 international colleagues from more than 60 nations, as well as many social and interest groups, including a very active LGBTTIQ group by the name of “Gaymer and Friends”. To celebrate this diversity, Goodgame Studios dedicated a whole week to the topic, including a program of events and opportunities to participate. Read more