Agile Unlimited visits Goodgame Studios

At the start of the year, Goodgame Studios put a new studio structure in place that lets us produce great games for our fans even faster and more efficiently. To ensure that we deliver high quality results and that production runs as efficiently as possible, we have looked to agile methodology. Agile is a modern approach and mindset for implementing projects, and it’s especially well-suited to our needs as a fast-growing company in a dynamic industry. An expert who could show us the ropes when it comes to agile methods is Nadine Haertel. We’re very pleased that we were able to welcome her to our café at West End Village. More than 70 participants attended her enlightening presentation and subsequent workshop, which participants could sign up for in advance via XINGRead more

VIP News: Santa Claus and the Grinch sighted at the Goodgame Christmas party!

This year we celebrated our company’s much awaited Christmas party on December 5th. Our team worked their magic to transform the Edelfettwerk venue into a winter wonderland just for this special event. Employees were first welcomed into the outdoor square for their very own Christmas market stocked with sumptuous snacks, mulled wine, hot cocktails etc. The party then proceeded indoors where the venue was glittering with festive decorations and small market stands were set-up to serve a delectable dinner buffet. Adding on to that, to satisfy our sweet cravings there were exclusive crepe and baked apple stands. Just like at every proper German Christmas market, packs of roasted almonds helped to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning sweet tooth.

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Neon lights for Goodgame Studios

The coolest event in the art department calendar took place on November 28, with artists from all fields, such as Concept Art, 3D Art, and Marketing Art brought together for one colorful night. The colorful shindig began at 7 PM at the Hamburg Eiskeller, which the event team rigged with UV lights to jazz up the occasion. During the drinks reception, all participants donned neon attires and accessorized them with uber cool bright hats, glowsticks, feather boas for a glamorous touch. For our Lead Vector Artist, Laurent, it was a great opportunity to bring the entire art team together.

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