Goodgame Empire hits $800 million in lifetime revenues

Press Release – Hamburg, August 22, 2017

Just in time for its sixth anniversary, ‘Goodgame Empire’ has given its developer, Hamburg-based Goodgame Studios, a truly special gift. The highly popular medieval strategy game hit $800 million in lifetime revenues, becoming Germany’s most successful game of all time and one of the top games worldwide.

Empire: Four Kingdoms

More than 250 content updates within six years

“We are extremely proud and we thank all the players who have helped make it happen. The financial success has given us the freedom to expand ‘Goodgame Empire’ into one of the most complex strategy games ever,” says Nina Mueller, who runs the studio responsible for the game’s ongoing support and development. “We are especially proud of all the players who have been with us for many years. With over 250 content updates since the game launched in 2011, we have obviously kept the fun factor high.”

Nevertheless, there are still many ideas in the pipeline. “Yes, we have lots of interesting stuff in the backlog to look forward to. At the same time, we want to take requests from the community into account even more,” promises Mueller. “Our long-term goal is for Goodgame Empire to be running successfully ten years from now.”

Transition to HTML5

One requirement for reaching that goal is to successfully transition from the soon discontinued Flash technology to the new web standard, HTML5. “It’s a mammoth task, we are talking about one million lines of code that have to be transferred,” explains Benjamine Constantine, who is responsible for this strategic project for Goodgame Studios. “Nevertheless, we are aiming for a seamless transition for our players, meaning the complete feature set as well as regular content updates.” The project is well underway and the switch is planned for no later than mid 2018.

Empire Millennium Wars

Expanding the Empire

2018 promises to be an exciting year for Goodgame Studios and the Empire brand anyway. Besides continuing development of Goodgame Empire itself, from early 2018, the Empire franchise will be expanded with the addition of the new game, ‘Empire: Millennium Wars’, where players can compete to dominate the mining industry on Mars. Unique support from Google will start this Thursday. Despite not being released yet, ‘Empire: Millennium Wars’ will be featured prominently in the Google Play Store for pre-registration.

“Things are heating up again!” – Goodgame Empire is kicking off a large-scale TV campaign

We’re proud to be able to advertise our most successful games, Goodgame Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms, on TV again during July and August. Hooray!

Thanks to a reasonable advertising budget, we’ll be appearing on channels across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, including the ProSiebenSat1, RTL, Discovery, and Sky networks, as well as on various special interest channels such as N24, MTV, and Sport1. We are looking forward to it, and we’re excited to see how the campaign will be received.

We will actually be running three different TV spots with various calls to action:

“The alliance is calling!”

Playing as part of a team in an alliance can be a lot of fun. Players can support each other and pit themselves against other alliances. If a player needs construction material for buildings, a fellow alliance member can help out. If a player is attacked, their friends can send troops to help them defend. The alliance is calling!

“Even bigger, even stronger!”

Goodgame Empire is continually developed. There’s always new content, like King Eric or the large-scale ‘Battle of the Nations’ event, where whole servers can measure up against each other. In July, there will aso be lots more new content, new rewards, quests, and buildings. And ‘Khan’s Revenge’ is sure to enthrall players. Even bigger, even stronger!

“Things are heating up again!”

The third spot in the bunch shows different aspects of Goodgame Empire: On the one hand, it shows the growth of a strong and well-fortified castle, customized just like any player’s castle with lots of beautiful hand-painted buildings and decorations. On the other hand it portrays playing as part of a team in thousands of active alliances. And finally you can see the cleverly strategic positioning of dozens of different units, each with their advantages and disadvantages, trying to defend or capture property.

We’ve had great success with TV advertising in the past, and we are confident that we can now repeat this. And here are the new spots – enjoy!

DIY – Develop it yourself | No 2

GOOD_TipsIn our previous issue of Good DIY Tips, we presented Twine: the perfect tool for creating spellbinding text adventures. This time we’re taking it a step further. The tool’s got to be able to handle it if you want something that’s a bit more visual and heavier on role-playing.

Do you still have fond memories of the rough-hewn 8/16-bit retro graphics of old NES and SNES classics like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger? In that case, your search for the right game development tool has come to an end with the RPG Maker series from ASCII and Enterbrain! As its name implies, the tool is used to produce atmospheric role-playing games, and with a little experimentation you can also add elements of strategic combat.

A number of RPG Maker versions have been released over the years, and each new iteration has brought users an ever-growing selection of options and bug fixes. Most versions come with a tile-based map editor, a database editor for changing the values of all game objects, and a simplified script language for designing events. You can use the latter to create automatic sequences like cut scenes, teleportation effects, and plausible dialogue with multiple answers. All versions offer a basic pack with graphics, compositions, and further content. Additionally, most versions enable you to add your own creations to the content.

Versions 95, 2000, and 2003 don’t require any programming skills at all, yet still permit you to make in-depth changes to your game, for instance by providing drop-down menus and buttons that do the programming for you. From RPG Maker XP on, you can make changes directly to the ready-made game system with the RUBY programming language specialized for games. You can get some RPG Maker versions in English on Steam. Prices range from €20 for RPG Maker 2003 to €74 for RPG Maker MV.

Critically acclaimed and loved by gamers, the narrative role-playing game To the Moon was developed with RPG Maker XP. Positive reviews are well above 95 percent, which tells you all you need to know! Will you accept the challenge?

Why Goodgame Gangster, Shadow Kings, & the rest don’t make updates anymore

In our blog, we regularly share news from our company, introduce you to our teams, and give you a peek behind the scenes of Goodgame Empire and our other games. Every now and then, however, we receive questions that aren’t about our latest development and games, but rather concern our older titles: “Why don’t you make updates for Goodgame Gangster anymore?” We think that today’s blog post is the perfect opportunity to provide a detailed answer to this question and explain why we no longer develop Goodgame Gangster and some of our other games like Goodgame Galaxy and Shadow Kings, of which our Classic Studio is taking care of apart from Goodgame Big Farm.

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GOOD Tips: Learn how to draw from our artists

If you watch our artists bring characters, buildings, and entire game worlds to life with virtually no effort, it’s entirely possible that you might begin to feel your fingers itching to grab a pen and paper and do the same. That’s why we asked our colleague Ernest to lead a little drawing class in which he will teach us how to draw a character from our game just like a pro. As our subject, we chose the piglet from Goodgame Big Farm. This cute little guy is a symbol of good luck in Germany and would look great on the front of a greeting card, for example. In the following sketches, Ernest will show you how to create your own piglet step by step.

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GOOD Teams – Product Strategy knows how the world plays

We wish everyone out there a happy World Play Day and hope you are having fun today – maybe even with some of our games. Video games are more popular than ever before! For example, 42% of US citizens play them on a regular basis, and we do the same – whether an intense session on the console or just quick entertainment on the bus with our smartphones that accompany us wherever we go.

As a gaming company, we need to stay up-to-date on where the world of games is heading. That’s why we have an amazing product strategy team that knows how the world plays. Each and every one of the six team members is not only a passionate gamer themselves, bringing together several decades of experience in the industry overall – they are also analytical thinkers that are able to translate fun into a strategy for our company.

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