GOOD Studios – Supersonic is developing at supersonic speed

As you probably already know, we’ve been doing some big things at Goodgame Studios this year in our quest to achieve sustainable growth and count among the leading game developers worldwide in only a few years’ time. That’s why we have fundamentally restructured our company and established seven independent development units in order to diversify our product portfolio and get our new games on the market more efficiently. It turns out that we couldn’t have chosen a better name for our company six years ago: we want to produce good games beneath the overarching roof of Goodgame Studios, and that’s what we are doing in our studios now. We’d like to begin presenting these studios to you regularly in our blog. Read more

The mystery of the technical artist – artist or programmer?

Good games are a synthesis of multimedia art created by people with the most varied of skills. Creative artists design breathtaking landscapes and characters, while analytically-minded developers program the basic framework for making a fun game. Many game development jobs can be classified as either number or design based. That is not true for the technical artist, however. The name alone raises the question as to whether they are actually a techie or an artist. So we have decided to clear up the mystery surrounding this extraordinary profession once and for all. Read more

Happy birthday, Goodgame Empire!

Only four years old, and already so big! On August 15, 2011, the very first players raced onto the Goodgame Empire server to populate this mysterious medieval world. Four years on, more than 70 million castle lords from all parts of the world have claimed their strongholds in the Great Empire, and we can look back on a terrific success story. Read more

A gamer meetup fit for a king

Over the weekend, our colleagues Lucas, Jens, and Jörg made their way to the beautiful Frankfurt am Main. The bustling German city played host to 70 dedicated fans of our successful game Empire: Four Kingdoms, and we didn’t want to miss out on this great chance to meet our fans and hear their helpful feedback.  We’re always grateful for any praise or criticism regarding our new updates or support team because these show us where we can make our game even better. Read more

Sir Ulrich’s Commander’s Logbook: Diplomacy & Alliances in Goodgame Empire

Many kings in the great Goodgame Empire strive for glory and riches. Some aspire to hold all the power for themselves – that may be bold or it may be foolish! Others know that the key to power is to skillfully apply diplomacy to further their influence and form alliances. Learn all about what diplomacy involves in the newest entry in Sir Ulrich’s commander’s logbook! Read more