Alliance cities – Behind the scenes of Goodgame Empire’s biggest update of the year

Our successful browser game, Goodgame Empire, is turning FIVE this year! Even after so much time, the team behind the title is still miles away from losing their creativity and passion for the game. This hard-working team has decided to give the 80 million+ castle lords of the online empire a truly grand update: alliance cities and royal capitals. We’re talking about nothing less than the biggest update of the year for Goodgame Empire! What better reason to give you an exclusive insight into the development of this mega update in today’s blog post?

GoodgameEmpire_RoyalCapitalFront Read more

Happy birthday, Goodgame Empire!

Only four years old, and already so big! On August 15, 2011, the very first players raced onto the Goodgame Empire server to populate this mysterious medieval world. Four years on, more than 70 million castle lords from all parts of the world have claimed their strongholds in the Great Empire, and we can look back on a terrific success story. Read more

The art of game making: it’s more than just fun and games!

Developing your very own game – the dream of so many friends of the pixel. The development process for an entire game is extensive, and includes everything from finding an idea to designing, prototyping, and all of the various production and release phases. The special thing about Goodgame Studios: every day we work on making our games even better and produce new updates on an almost weekly basis. The development that goes behind a weekly update is almost the same as for an entire game. That’s why in today’s blog we’ll share with you how an update for one of our most successful title Goodgame Empire actually comes to life – this time for the Blade Coast event. Read more

Sir Ulrich’s Commander’s Logbook: Diplomacy & Alliances in Goodgame Empire

Many kings in the great Goodgame Empire strive for glory and riches. Some aspire to hold all the power for themselves – that may be bold or it may be foolish! Others know that the key to power is to skillfully apply diplomacy to further their influence and form alliances. Learn all about what diplomacy involves in the newest entry in Sir Ulrich’s commander’s logbook! Read more

Sir Ulrich’s Commander’s Logbook: Defense and Attack in Goodgame Empire

A successful castle lord knows that you can’t get far in Goodgame Empire without a strong strategy, so we took a peek at Sir Ulrich’s commander’s logbook and decided to share his tips with you right away!  Be the first to find out how a clever ruler leaves the robber barons defeated at his gate and how you can plan your next attack to be as successful as possible. Read more