Shadow Kings

How Meria, Gorok & Co. reach your phone – Developing Shadow Kings

Just over one month ago, our new game Shadow Kings let a hoard of elves, dwarves, and orcs loose on smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

After just one week we could already boast of over one million players diligently building up their cities in the Shadow Kings fantasy world. Now is a good time to take a look back on how this new title came to life. Salvatore, Product Manager of Shadow Kings, worked closely on its development and has granted us an exciting glimpse into its creation. Read more

Not Child’s Play: Game Development à la Goodgame Studios

What does “multi-platform” really mean, and why do we love Adobe Flash so much?

For non-game developers, the production process for a new game can raise a lot of questions, and even those acquainted with game development can sometimes wonder why we choose one approach over another. So here is a brief insight into our game development.

Our current focus is on mobile games. Even non-specialist technophobes will have realized by now that they will have a hard time avoiding this trend. Goodgame Studios are among the front runners in this area – this is clear from the success of our first app Empire: Four Kingdoms, which for months has been among the top ten highest-grossing games in many countries. Our new game Shadow Kings was developed for mobile devices first, and then adapted for browsers later. Thanks to this multi-platform development, Shadow Kings is available to play on your smartphone or computer. In the future we will continue to optimize our games first and foremost for mobile devices.
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