Leadership Talk: How to use your brain to its full potential

Even though we pride ourselves on being a very creative and artsy gaming company, scientific work is in fact also part of the Goodgame DNA: we use scientific approaches in game development, marketing, and other areas, such as to understand player behavior and optimize our games accordingly. This is why it made a lot of sense for us to invite leadership coach Sebastian Purps-Pardigol, an expert on brain science, leadership, and cultural change. In his talk on “Neuroscience and Leadership – How to Unfold Hidden Potential”, he revealed to us his secrets on “leading with a brain”.

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Leadership Guru Jurgen Appelo On “Managing for Happiness”

One of the characteristics of today’s world is our constant quest to improve ourselves and become as happy as possible, in both our private and work lives. At Goodgame, we are also continually working on building a better company and happy team because we are convinced that this is the basis for good games. That is also why we strive to improve our people management skills and why we invited Jurgen Appelo, author of the book Managing for Happiness, to our offices this week to give a talk about “games, tools, and practices that motivate any team”. The leadership guru’s mantra is that happy workers are productive workers, and in his inspiring speech, he shared some hands-on management techniques and ideas to foster personal development within teams. Read more