Team Goodgame likes a vibrant mix

“What do we actually have in common with a basketball team?” asked  Ina, our Head of HR, during her talk  about German Diversity Day, which we took  part in for the first time this year. She quickly got the answer from the audience: In a basketball team there are many different types of players – some are tall and strong, some smaller and faster. Everyone has their individual strengths, and together they lead the team to victory. Having such a vibrant mix is what makes our team at Goodgame Studios so successful. We now have more than 400 international colleagues from more than 60 nations, as well as many social and interest groups, including a very active LGBTTIQ group by the name of “Gaymer and Friends”. To celebrate this diversity, Goodgame Studios dedicated a whole week to the topic, including a program of events and opportunities to participate.

Our “Diversity Week” got off to a great start when Ina signed the Diversity Charter. Her pledge represents that we Goodgamers feel diversity is an integral part of our company culture. In such a large and diverse team like ours, an open working atmosphere and mutual trust and respect are essential. Our feelgood, onboarding, and event teams really support us in making sure that we continue to grow as a team, for example by organizing regular intercultural events and initiatives such as “Diversity Week”.

This week we were particularly excited to welcome a visit from Anastasia Umrik, who gave an inspiring talk about how she founded her company and showed that her disability in no way prevented her from setting her big ideas in motion. Her Projekt anderStark started as a photography project that focused on women with disabilities. The project kept growing and yet Anastasia never seemed overstretched: she always has a new idea up her sleeve, whether it’s a fashion show or her own fashion label (inkluWAS). “My projects give me strength,” she said in the Q&A session, which could have lasted forever, given her contagious enthusiasm.

The evening also included a meal where colleagues brought along delicacies from their countries, and Gaymer & Friends provided cakes and cupcakes for the occasion. Such activities that allow all Goodgamers to participate are an integral part of our “Diversity Week” initiative, as it reinforced just how valuable a vibrant mix of team members is for the company culture. The week is now coming to an end, but we will definitely continue to promote diversity in all its facets in the future!