Teaming up with the Wedel University of Applied Sciences

The Wedel University of Applied Sciences is ahead of the game when it comes to study programs that prepare you for a career in the gaming industry. That is why Goodgame Studios has been collaborating with the college for several years now.

For example, our CTO Stefan visited Wedel University last year as a guest lecturer. He recently donated the money earned from these lectures to the college’s game lab, which tests and evaluates computer games. The “Computer Games Technology” students there now have access to a wide variety of game consoles and devices. From Playstation to Wii U to Oculus Rift, the lab has everything they need, providing the prospective game developers with the perfect theoretical and practical preparation for their future careers.

We cooperate with the Wedel University of Applied Sciences in a variety of ways. Last year we sponsored a programming competition with the theme of artificial intelligence and invited students to our offices to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at our work. This year will see another high point in our collaboration. For the first time ever, we will be offering a dual bachelor’s degree in the subject “Computer Games Technology”. The degree program will include the subjects; computer science, programming, and mathematics, with a focus on computer graphics, man-machine interaction, and artificial intelligence, in order to give students the best preparation for a job in the gaming industry.

Goodgame Studios already has experience with dual degree programs. Our colleague Julian was the first dual student in the company and is a prime example of how well the combination of theory and practice can work. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, top of his class in 2014, and currently works for us as a team lead in the customer service department.

We still have one spot available for the dual bachelor’s degree program in “Computer Games Technology” at the Wedel University of Applied Sciences for the 2015/16 winter semester. Interested? Apply directly via our job portal!

In addition to the Wedel University of Applied Sciences, Goodgame Studios works with several other universities in the Hamburg area. For example, you can often find us at the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, or Fresenius University of Applied Sciences giving lectures or working with students on projects.