Three ways to win in the world of Goodgame Empire

As part of our new advertising campaign, we’re launching a series of TV trailers for our most successful title, Goodgame Empire! The three installments are currently being aired in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Australia.

The first trailer focuses on the character of the Warrior King, who rules over his kingdom and unleashes his full force in battle. Since an offensive strategy is not the only way to get ahead in Empire, the second and third trailer focus on two other main characters whose focuses lie in either forming alliances or building up their castles. With that in mind, “Three ways to win” is a fitting title for our trilogy since every player can identify with at least one of these three strategies for success.

We were able to develop the entire creative concept here in-house thanks to our now six-person film team, which takes care of all things film, from the initial concept right through to airing. The concept was brought to life using the technical wizardry of production studio Flaunt and Axis Animation. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise, they are the top specialists in 3D CGI commercials.

Our creative lead Anton commented on the three-part campaign: “It was really important for us to create intricate details in the scenario, characters, and animations so that viewers can discover something new each time they see the trailer and at the same time ignite their interest in exploring the world of Goodgame Empire.”