VIP News: Santa Claus and the Grinch sighted at the Goodgame Christmas party!

This year we celebrated our company’s much awaited Christmas party on December 5th. Our team worked their magic to transform the Edelfettwerk venue into a winter wonderland just for this special event. Employees were first welcomed into the outdoor square for their very own Christmas market stocked with sumptuous snacks, mulled wine, hot cocktails etc. The party then proceeded indoors where the venue was glittering with festive decorations and small market stands were set-up to serve a delectable dinner buffet. Adding on to that, to satisfy our sweet cravings there were exclusive crepe and baked apple stands. Just like at every proper German Christmas market, packs of roasted almonds helped to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Before everyone could delve into the abundance of delicious drinks and flavorful food, our CEO Kai briefly addressed and thanked all Goodgamers for the great job they’ve been doing this year. It didn’t take long for the dance floor to spring to life with flashing lights and pumping beats. Those who wanted a break from the dancing also had the option to visit Santa’s Lounge or the North Pole. Santa Claus welcomed all of the naughty and nice Goodgamers to his home while the Grinch even donned a smile especially for the occasion. Our employees took pictures with the two to prove that no one is ever too old for a visit to the North Pole! Lots of teams took advantage of this opportunity to take a group picture as a nice souvenir from this magical evening. Santa was a good sport and bore all of those mischievous Goodgamers on his lap with a smile. Since the Grinch was too busy contributing his green grin to the photos to snatch up any of the Secret Santa gifts, our little elves were able collect them from under the tree and pass them out to all participating employees.

It was truly another wonderful party for Goodgame Studios and a great way to bring a perfect year to an end!