At the world’s largest computer games conference with Goodgame Studios

Glittering, flashing screens, booming bass, people in crazy costumes, and never-ending crowds! This may sound like a mix between mardi gras and an Iron Maiden concert, but it’s actually a really fun experience called gamescom and is considered a place of pilgrimage for all gaming obsessives!

Like all real Goodgamers, I’ve considered computer games one of my passions for years, or even decades, however this year has been my first experience of the world’s largest computer games conference. And it really is as impressive as everyone claims! The conference halls are packed with giant structures and stages bringing the world of gaming ┬áto life, the newest trailers loop on the big-screens, and on countless computers and consoles, fans get to try out advance versions of the top games for this fall and winter. The atmosphere is enough to give anyone goosebumps.

Of course, I didn’t make the trip alone. Around 50 Goodgamers made the trek from the Elbe to the Rhine and we all had the same mission; to represent Goodgame Studios as the leading German gaming company on our native turf, and to reach out to the huge variety of visitors that the conference in Cologne had to offer.

Since gamescom arrived a little too early this year for us to present any of our new games, our focus this time was on fostering positive relationships with our business partners. Our excellent barista providing the coffee and the ever-popular popcorn machine did their parts in ensuring that conversation kept flowing.

Our space in the Entertainment Area revolved primarily around promoting career opportunities at Goodgame Studios. Just for the occasion, our app specialists developed our very own app that allowed interested visitors to easily find out which of our many open positions would be right for them. Of course, anyone who stopped by the stand was also able to play a round of Empire: Four Kingdoms. While most of our colleagues are already making their return journey today, you still have the whole weekend to come and chat with our HR team to get some career advice at our  stand in hall 10.

We look forward to returning to Cologne and joining the fun again next year! By then we’ll hopefully also be able to set up an impressive stand in the Entertainment Area where we can present our newest developments because, as you know, we have a few things in the pipeline. So stay tuned for 2016!