Hamburg Impressions – what international Goodgamers think of the city

HamburgNot all German cities can be deemed “multicultural” or even “cosmopolitan” – but Hamburg is definitely one of them. In 2014, more than 30 percent of the people living in the harbor city had an international background, and another 15 percent carried a nationality other than German. Goodgame Studios is headquartered in the city and its numbers are also nothing to sneeze at: as in Hamburg, more than 30 percent of our colleagues come from outside Germany, and from over 60 different nations. Some even moved here for the job from places as far away as India, China, or Australia. We’ve asked them about their impressions of Hamburg and the Germans:



The family guy

“Hamburg has such a great multicultural and friendly atmosphere. I came to Germany in January 2014, my wife and my little daughter joined me later. She is now more than 2 years old and already lives this city’s vibe: some of her first words were ‘Moin Moin’ and ‘Tschüss’.”



The dog lover

“I’m from Poland and I moved to Germany with my bulldog Marlon. I always thought that Germans were quite introverted, but Marlon is a really good friend magnet and I have met such great and open-hearted people while walking him. Now we even make plans to walk our dogs together and catch up. It’s amazing how much this has improved my German and their English.”



The soccer fan

“I decided to move to Hamburg after watching the semifinal of the UEFA EURO 2012 between Italy and Germany (2-1) here at Heiligengeistfeld because I really liked the city vibe and the multicultural flair. However big my love for Hamburg is, though, I do miss the easy access to proper espresso!”



The city stroller

“Despite being on the opposite side of the globe, Hamburg doesn’t only feel far away, but also like home. Walking around here for the first time, I wandered through narrow streets with tons of busy restaurants and cafés near the district of Altona. This immediately reminded me of Melbourne’s famous alleyways I used to walk down.”



The foody

“During my first week here, I attempted to eat out at Hamburger Sparkasse, which is actually a bank! Apparently, not everything with the word “Hamburger” on the sign serves food.”



The soccer trainer

“China and Germany have many differences, but also similarities – for example, when it comes to soccer! Many of my friends are super fans of the German national soccer team. After coming to Hamburg, I started volunteering as a supervisor for a youth team in my community, which lets me share my passion and love for this sport.”



The burger addict

“There’s lots of great food here, but finding a thick, juicy burger in a soft yet sturdy bun has been a challenge in Hamburg which I didn’t expect. It’s one of the few things I really miss. The people are super friendly and helpful, though!”



The nature enthusiast

“I was born and raised in Iraq, but I joined Goodgame Studios from Ukraine after working there for nine years. I read a lot about Hamburg before moving here. It was important to me to find a good place to make a living not only for me but also for my wife and child. Hamburg is such a green city with a lot of parks and the air is very clean; not to mention the Elbe river and the harbor which really makes it a beautiful place to live for me and my family.”



The spontaneous

“When I came from Spain to Hamburg, I was the most surprised to find that the Germans don’t make set plans as much as I expected. I’ve actually learned to become more spontaneous here.”



The Schnitzel fan

“During my first week in Hamburg, I ended up having Currywurst three days in a row! Now I can’t even look at it anymore, but my love for Schnitzel will never end!”